Employees Dislike The Old Office, Want Changes

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In a recent report by Next Energy Technologies titled “The Case for Office Space: How Buildings Need to Change to Suit a Climate-Conscious, COVID-Weary Workforce” many employees expressed their open displeasure with their old office and employer-planned work from home.

While 83% of employees “believe the climate plays a direct role in their individual health,” more than half of employees said that “working in the office negatively impacted their health,” 47% said that the “old office impacted their mental health,” and 37% explained that “a lack of natural light impacted their health.”

Although employees “main complaints about the pre-pandemic office from employees include, lengthy commute (46%) and lack of natural lights (39%), 61% of employees “want increased health and safety measures” and 67% “want more comfortable design features.”

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic

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