Open Source Audacity Audio Editor Rejects Spyware Claims

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Audacity, the audio editing software, has rejected claims against its new privacy policy.

Recall that last weekend some open-source news media, especially FOSS-focused personal technology websites FOSSPost and SlashGear, warned their readers that the popular open-source audio editing app Audacity is now “spyware.”

The updated policy shows that the company can share data with Russia and regional law enforcement.

Audacity says that the only data it exchanges with users are software updates and bug reports.

According to FOSSPost, Audacity’s new owner, Muse Group might “do some pretty damaging changes.”

The findings show that the root cause of the concerns stems from Muse Group’s privacy policy.

Muse Group’s head of strategy told the BBC the company does not want or care about user data because it has no benefit to them.

For more information, read the original story(s) in Arstechnica and the BBC.

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