Survey Reveals Offices Have Weak Password Policies

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According to a recent survey conducted by Beyond Identity, a dull attitude to password protection has been noted, as survey results suggest that companies need to tighten up their password rules without making it too difficult for employees.

The survey, which involved more than a thousand workers, found that while most of them believe their password practices are secure, the reality is different.

Almost half of them admit to sharing passwords, more than a third say they write their passwords on paper, and one in four of the professionals surveyed said they still have access to accounts from previous jobs.

Passwords are also often reused, with 26% saying their work and personal email password are the same.

In future, better dismissal protections must be introduced and enforced for workers who still have access to accounts from previous jobs.

Password management policies and two-factor authentication are also needed to help prevent password sharing.

For more information, read the original story in TechRepublic.


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