Ukraine’s Internet Disrupted As Russian Invasion Continues

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Internet connectivity in Ukraine has been disrupted following Russia’s invasion.

According to the internet monitoring organization, NetBlocks, the southern and northern parts of Ukraine were the most affected regions.

NetBlocks showed that the connection to GigaTrans, the main Internet provider of Ukraine, fell below 20%, but the network returned to a higher level.

The Obolonskyi district of Kyiv and the central parts of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine remain the only two places with a clear sign of an Internet outage.

NetBlocks said other anomalies could create an illusion of internet failure, which could be triggered when people turn away from their devices, according to Simon Angus, an associate professor of economics.

“We currently observe national connectivity at 87% of ordinary levels, a figure that reflects service disruptions as well as population flight and the shuttering of homes and businesses since the morning of the 24th. While there is no nation-scale blackout, little is being heard from the worst affected regions and for others there’s an ever-present fear that connectivity could worsen at any moment, cutting off friends and family,” said Alp Toker, Director of NetBlocks.

For more information, read the original story in Reuters.

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