Biden Administration Wades Into Debate Around Open-Source AI

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The Biden administration is tackling mounting controversy around open-source artificial intelligence and whether unfettered access risks enabling misuse or fuels innovation. It tasked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) with studying the issue and providing recommendations by next July.

Most advanced AI models today are closely guarded by companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. Some argue publicly releasing powerful systems allows more rigorous testing and expands access. But others warn of existential dangers from bioterrorists or rogue states misusing open-source AI.

NTIA administrator Alan Davidson said he wants to hear diverse perspectives before making any conclusions. He expressed optimism around finding “middle paths” between safety and openness. This likely includes varying access based on risk levels or ensuring guardrails remain in place.

The administration’s deliberate approach aims to explore complex tradeoffs rather than a black-and-white stance. But concrete policy action may ultimately be unavoidable amid rapidly advancing AI capabilities. The choices made now will shape development for decades.

Source included: Axios

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