Top Stories This Week

Crypto Crash Imperils North Korea’s Stolen Funds As It Scales Up Weapon Testing

The weakening of cryptocurrency markets has wiped out millions of dollars in stolen funds by North Korean hackers, endangering a vital funding stream for...

Interpol Arrests 2000 Social Engineers, Seizes $50 Million

An Interpol operation, dubbed as 'First Light 2022,' has seized over 50 million dollars and arrested thousands of people involved in social engineering scams...

“West Risks Direct Military Clash Over Cyber Attacks” – Russia

Russia warned western powers on Thursday that cyber attacks launched against it could result in direct military confrontation, and would be met with severe...

Tech Workers Persuade Companies To Cut Ties With Russia

Small groups of employees at Microsoft, SAP, and IBM have urged management to cease operations in Russia.

FBI Withheld REvil Decryption Key, Victims Left Panicking

The FBI secretly withheld the key that would have decrypted data and computers on up to 1,500 networks last summer, when REvil launched a series of high-profile attacks

Fake Release Claimed Walmart Would Accept Litecoin

Walmart has responded fake news about the company's plans to accept the cryptocurrency Litecoin.

REvil Ransomware Group Returns After Short Break

REvil has resurfaced after it was reportedly shut down following the July attack on Kaseya that affected thousands.

Schools Could Be The Next Target For Ransomware Attacks

Schools could become the next big target for ransomware gangs as these criminals continue to target organizations likely to pay a ransom.