2024 Predictions

Meta plans $800 million AI optimized data centre

Meta is set to construct an $800 million data center in Jeffersonville, Indiana, specifically optimized for artificial intelligence services. This initiative represents a significant...

Apple beta code reveals plans for AI upgrade to Siri

Apple is reportedly testing an AI-improved version of Siri in the iOS 17.4 beta, potentially to be announced as soon as June. This development...

AI is the greatest global risk in 2024: World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum's "Global Risks Report 2024" has identified artificial intelligence's role in election disruption as the top global risk for the year....

Half of today’s skills will be obsolete by 2025: edX Study

A recent edX survey of 800 executives and 800 employees has brought to light some startling predictions about the future of workplace skills. Nearly...

Predictions 2024 from cybersecurity vendors, Part 2

We’ve collected comments from more than 40 vendors to give infosec pros an idea of what they might face in the next 12 months. Their predictions cover everything from meeting the talent shortage to quantum computing: More advanced persistent threat groups (APTs) will become more active — even beyond the 138 identified by MITRE and

Predictions 2024 from cybersecurity vendors, Part 1

2024 will be a year dominated by artificial intelligence-created deepfakes and advanced phishing attacks, but also new AI-based detection applications to help defenders. These are among the predictions from companies that provide cybersecurity solutions. We’ve collected comments from over 30 vendors to give infosec pros an idea of what they will face in the next