Federal Budget 2023: Millions to fight foreign interference, threats and covert activities

A new National Counter-Foreign Interference Office will be created if the bud

Fintech Plaid adds identity verification to Canadian service

A U.S.-based data aggregator that allows consumers to connect their accounts with a variety of financial institutions through one app has now added its identity verification service for Canadian organizations. Last week, Plaid Financial began offering its Identity Verification and Monitor, a global verification and know-your-customer (KYC) solution, to help digital finance apps and services

Companies Opt For Lower Valuation To Attract Funding

Companies are opting for a lower valuation to attract fresh funds as the U.S. IPO market ground to a halt with only eight companies...

86% Of Buyers Prefer Virtual, Metaverse, And Social Media Transactions

According to Showpad's State of Selling Survey, 86% of buyers prefer digital interactions without face-to-face meetings. 92% of millennial and Gen Z buyers prefer...

Newly Discovered Office 365 Flaw Potentially Dangerous

Security firm Proofpoint has detected a “potentially dangerous piece of functionality” in Microsoft Office 365 that enables ransomware to encrypt files stored on SharePoint...

Fed Revoked Master Account For Controversial Fintech – Republican Senator

Republican Senator Pat Toomey is demanding an explanation from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City after it allegedly revoked a coveted master account...