Cancelling your credit card may not stop streaming service charges

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Many consumers believe that changing their credit card can end unwanted recurring charges from streaming services. However, a lesser-known banking system,  ensures these charges continue seamlessly. This system allows subscription services  to automatically update payment details when a card is renewed, lost, or replaced.

This system, which is widely adopted by banks and merchants globally, minimizes payment disruptions, benefiting both consumers and companies. For instance, services tied to your credit card, such as utility bills, continue uninterrupted by card changes. Yet, this convenience also means that subscriptions can persist unless they are explicitly canceled directly with the service provider.

This operates under bank directives, only updating merchant details where payment credentials are stored. Thus, many consumers are unaware they are opted into this system, with no clear notification from their banks or subscription services. To truly stop a subscription, direct communication with the provider is necessary, underscoring the need for consumers to understand and navigate this automated financial landscape actively.

This scenario highlights a broader digital economy trend where starting services is streamlined, but ending them can be difficult and time consuming.



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