The race to harness AI in big banks heats up

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The journey to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the U.S. banking sector is proving to be a formidable challenge, despite high stakes and substantial investments by leading institutions. As banks strive to transform AI promises into tangible benefits, a report from Evident Insights highlights that only a select few are making significant headway.

Key players such as JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, and Royal Bank of Canada are distinguished as frontrunners, pulling ahead through consistent experimentation and strategic investments in AI technology. JPMorgan Chase, under the leadership of CEO Jamie Dimon, has been particularly aggressive, employing over 2,000 AI specialists and leading in AI research and patent filings.

However, the practical application of AI in banking is not without its hurdles. The vast majority of banks, including Morgan Stanley which ranks 17th in Evident’s AI index, are still in early stages of deploying AI tools effectively. Jeff McMillan, head of firmwide AI at Morgan Stanley, emphasizes the importance of staff training and the establishment of robust controls over merely focusing on AI model capabilities.

Morgan Stanley has leveraged insights from collaborations with industry leaders like OpenAI to develop an AI assistant that aids financial advisors with real-time, data-driven guidance. Despite the potential of such tools, McMillan cautions against over-reliance on technology without sufficient underlying data infrastructure and oversight.

The reality is that while the banking industry acknowledges the transformative potential of AI, the actual implementation and scale of AI-driven tools remain limited. The sector faces a steep learning curve in integrating AI into complex, regulated financial environments, requiring a balanced approach focused on both technological innovation and human oversight.

As the industry continues to explore AI’s possibilities, the real test will be in broadening the scope of AI applications beyond a handful of successful implementations to widespread, effective use that can reshape banking operations.

Let’s create a graphic to illustrate this narrative of AI transformation in the banking industry.

The graphic we’ve created visualizes the integration of AI in the banking industry, highlighting the transformative impact and technological advancements being embraced by major banks. It illustrates the dynamic between AI and financial growth, capturing a futuristic view of how these technologies are reshaping the financial landscape.


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