GM to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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General Motors (GM) has announced its decision to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its new electric vehicles (EVs) and future products, a move that initially baffled both new and used car buyers. However, GM’s head of product for infotainment, Tim Babbitt, provided a clearer explanation to MotorTrend, citing driver distraction due to cell phone usage as a key concern. Babbitt pointed out that stability issues with CarPlay and Android Auto, such as bad connections and slow responses, often lead drivers to revert to using their phones, increasing the risk of distraction.

To address this, GM is focusing on its “Ultifi” infotainment software, which integrates Google apps like Maps and Google Assistant, as well as popular apps like Spotify and Audible. This approach aims to reduce the need for drivers to use their phones while driving, thereby enhancing safety. Despite these intentions, GM acknowledges that this strategy hasn’t been tested in real-world scenarios yet.

The decision also reflects broader industry trends concerning data control and monetization. Automakers, including GM, are increasingly interested in harnessing vehicle-generated data for customer research and third-party sales. Additionally, GM sees potential revenue in subscription services managed through their infotainment systems.

While GM’s move has been controversial, it’s not unprecedented in the industry, with companies like Tesla and Rivian also not offering these phone-mirroring services. GM’s strategy represents a significant bet on their own systems’ ability to meet customer needs and enhance safety without the drawbacks of third-party solutions.

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