Well Fargo predicts 100 million “interactions” on AI annually

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Wells Fargo is making significant strides in AI technology, as revealed by CIO Chintan Mehta at a recent event in San Francisco. The bank’s virtual assistant app, Fargo, built on Google’s AI, has managed a remarkable 20 million interactions since its launch, and it’s projected to handle over 100 million interactions annually.

Contrasting with many large corporations still experimenting with generative AI, Wells Fargo has surged ahead. Despite the heavy regulatory environment in finance, the bank has implemented various generative AI projects, enhancing back-office efficiency and customer interaction.

The bank has invested in educating 4,000 employees through Stanford’s Human-centered AI program, signaling its commitment to responsible AI deployment.

Fargo, the AI-driven virtual assistant, provides customers with convenient banking solutions via text or voice on smartphones. It’s currently running on multiple large language models (LLMs) for varied tasks. Livesync, another app, offers users advice on goal-setting and planning, achieving a million active users in its first month.

Wells Fargo is also exploring open-source LLMs for internal use and anticipates the future importance of multimodal LLMs, which would allow interactions via images, video, and text.

Mehta highlighted the challenges of AI governance, particularly in the banking sector’s regulatory environment. He emphasized the importance of explainable AI in understanding model conclusions and navigating the complexities of modern finance.

Wells Fargo’s proactive approach in AI technology, including their AI platform ‘Tachyon’, positions the bank as a leader in the financial sector’s technological evolution, adapting to new AI trends while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Sources include: Venture Beat

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