Google release fix for Pixel bug but requires developer level skills and tools to execute

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Google has released a fix for a major storage bug affecting Pixel phones, which was reportedly caused by the January 2024 Google Play system update. This bug locked users out of their phone’s local storage, rendering the devices nearly useless. The solution provided by Google on the Pixel Community Forums is not user-friendly; it requires a manual process involving developer tools. Users need to download these tools, install drivers, change settings, connect their phones, and delete specific files using a command-line interface.

The positive aspect of this fix is that it prevents data loss if the phone has been left unused since the issue arose. However, the complexity of the process makes it challenging for average users. The steps include enabling Android’s Developer Options, downloading Google’s SDK Platform-Tools, and executing commands through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The process can be even more complicated on Windows due to driver installation issues.

This situation highlights the difficulties faced by non-technical users in resolving software issues on their devices and raises questions about the effectiveness of automatic updates that lead to such problems.

Sources include: ArsTechnica

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