IBM offer democratizes the mainframe for Linux for enterprise

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IBM’s introduction of the LinuxONE 4 Express marks a new chapter in enterprise-grade Linux solutions, specifically crafted for the small and medium-sized business market. The system, part of IBM’s LinuxONE lineup and powered by the Telum processor, parallels the z16 mainframe family but focuses exclusively on Linux, aiming to offer a scalable, high-availability solution. With a base price of $135,000, the LinuxONE 4 Express isn’t cheap, especially considering that this cost does not cover additional maintenance, software, or operating system fees.

However, the investment could be justified by the system’s promise of near-perfect uptime, with IBM guaranteeing 99.999999 percent availability or less than one second of downtime per year. This level of reliability is critical for businesses that rely on continuous operation and uptime for their essential workloads. Furthermore, the LinuxONE 4 Express is engineered to support burgeoning AI capabilities and hybrid cloud configurations, addressing the growing demand for these technologies in the business sector.

The system’s scalability is one of its key selling points, capable of expanding to meet increasing workload demands without compromising performance. IBM asserts that customers transitioning Linux workloads from traditional x86 servers to the LinuxONE 4 Express platform could witness significant savings—over 52 percent in total cost of ownership over five years. This claim, coupled with endorsements from institutions like University College London for its high performance in demanding applications such as AI and biosciences research, underscores the system’s potential value to both academic research and industry use.

In essence, IBM’s LinuxONE 4 Express presents a compelling, albeit pricey, proposition for businesses seeking the resilience and capability of mainframe technology within a more accessible framework. The system’s official availability from IBM and certified business partners beginning February 20 offers a new tool for those willing to invest in top-tier IT infrastructure.

Sources include: The Register


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