Microsoft reignites aggressive push to convert users to Windows 11

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In a move reminiscent of past tactics, Microsoft has reignited its push for Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11 with a series of intrusive, full-screen popups. These advertisements, which surfaced after the optional January update for Windows 10, guide users through multiple slides encouraging the switch to Windows 11 – a process Microsoft emphasizes is free and can run in the background without disrupting PC use.

The campaign features several messages: an initial prompt to upgrade, a recommendation to make the switch with an option to revert back to Windows 10 within ten days, and a final reminder for those opting to stay on Windows 10 that Windows 11 remains available as a free upgrade. An additional panel, accessible through a ‘See what’s inside’ button, lists key features of Windows 11, aiming to entice users further.

Critics are drawing parallels to Microsoft’s controversial “Get Windows 10” campaign, which was criticized for its aggressive tactics and misleading user interfaces designed to facilitate the upgrade process, often at the expense of user choice. This latest initiative, tested in the latest preview update, is set to reach a broader audience with the upcoming February cumulative update.

Despite the aggressive push, Windows 11’s adoption rate lags behind Windows 10’s, holding a 26.5% global share compared to Windows 10’s 67.4%. However, among Steam survey participants, nearly half are using Windows 11. With Windows 10’s end-of-life slated for October 2025, Microsoft’s intensified efforts to migrate users to Windows 11 are expected to continue, signaling a significant, albeit controversial, strategy to modernize its user base.

Sources include: TechSpot

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