Apple Vision Pro headsets elicit warning about about unsafe usage

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In a response to a growing trend on social media, US federal transportation officials have issued warnings about the dangers of wearing virtual reality headsets, specifically Apple’s Vision Pro, while driving.

Videos have surfaced showing drivers wearing these headsets in Teslas on Autopilot, leading to concerns over road safety. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have both emphasized that driving with VR headsets is reckless, underscoring that all driver assistance systems require active human control.

The incidents, often portrayed in videos as humorous stunts, highlight the misuse of technology and the potential risks of distracted driving. Despite the popularity of these videos, authorities are taking a firm stance to prevent accidents, reminding the public that there are no fully autonomous vehicles currently available and stressing the importance of maintaining focus while driving.

Sources include: The New York Times.



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