Early adopters returning Apple Vision Pro headsets

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Apple’s Vision Pro headset has encountered a rocky start with early adopters, leading to a notable number of returns. The $3,500 device, praised for its innovative technology, has fallen short of user expectations in comfort and application, prompting some buyers to take advantage of Apple’s 14-day return policy.

Users report discomfort, headaches, and motion sickness linked to the headset’s weight and front-loaded design. Notably, cases of eye strain and even burst blood vessels have been mentioned, highlighting physical discomfort as a significant drawback.

The absence of compelling applications or features that fully justify the device’s high price has been a common grievance. Users find the Vision Pro lacking in terms of productivity enhancements and entertainment value, with specific tasks like viewing Figma screens or coding experiencing pronounced issues.

Beyond comfort, practicality in everyday tasks remains a challenge. Problems with multitasking, unsupported file types, and inefficient window and file management contribute to a less than optimal user experience. These limitations hinder the device’s potential as a productivity tool, despite its futuristic appeal.

Despite these setbacks, some users express willingness to try future iterations of the Vision Pro, indicating that the technology itself is not in question. Instead, improvements in comfort, usability, and the development of compelling applications could sway opinions.

Sources include: The Verge

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