AMD launches new AI chips to take on leader Nvidia

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At the Computex technology trade show in Taipei, AMD CEO Lisa Su unveiled the company’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) processors, the MI325X accelerator, which will be available in the fourth quarter of 2024. This marks AMD’s strategic move to challenge Nvidia’s dominance in the AI semiconductor market.

New AI Chips Unveiled
AMD introduced the MI325X, aimed at meeting the soaring demand for advanced chips needed in AI data centers. CEO Lisa Su emphasized that AI is now AMD’s top priority, with the company committing to an annual release cycle for new products. This move aligns with Nvidia’s strategy, which has seen the company maintain a strong market lead with an 80% share.

Future Roadmap: MI350 and MI400 Series
Looking ahead, AMD announced the MI350 series, expected in 2025, based on a new chip architecture and promising a 35-fold improvement in inference performance over the MI300 series. The MI400 series, set for release in 2026, will be built on an architecture dubbed “Next.” These advancements highlight AMD’s commitment to continuous innovation in the AI chip sector.

Market Reactions and Competitive Landscape
Investors are closely watching these developments, as AMD aims to capitalize on the booming generative AI market. While AMD’s shares remained flat on Monday, Nvidia’s shares rose by over 3%. AMD’s stock has shown significant growth since early 2023, but Nvidia’s stock has surged more than sevenfold in the same period.

Technalysis Research chief analyst Bob O’Donnell noted, “While the proof will be in the pudding, there’s no doubt that AMD is taking Nvidia head-on, and companies looking for alternatives to Nvidia are bound to be happy to hear what AMD had to say.”

Additional Announcements
AMD also provided updates on its broader product lineup:
– CPUs: AMD’s next generation of central processor units (CPUs) will be available in the second half of 2024, designed to complement their AI chips in data centers.
– NPUs: AMD detailed the architecture for its new neural processing units (NPUs), which will handle on-device AI tasks in AI-powered PCs. These processors are set to exceed Microsoft’s Copilot+ PC requirements.

PC manufacturers like HP and Lenovo plan to release devices featuring AMD’s AI PC chips, aiming to revitalize the PC market with added AI capabilities.

AMD’s aggressive push into the AI chip market with its MI325X and future MI350 and MI400 series signals a direct challenge to Nvidia’s dominance. As the competition heats up, the advancements in AI technology promise to drive significant growth and innovation in the semiconductor industry.


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