Tesla threatens customer with $50,000 fine if he tries to sell his Cybertruck that does fit his parking spot

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The Tesla Cybertruck, known for its unique design and massive size, is attracting buyers who don’t typically drive big pickups. However, one such buyer, Blaine Raddon from Salt Lake City, is facing an unexpected dilemma with his new vehicle.

Raddon reserved a Cybertruck after being impressed by its launch online. But his living situation changed before he could take delivery of the vehicle. He moved from a house with a garage to an apartment complex with tight parking slots. Upon realizing that his new truck wouldn’t fit comfortably into his parking spot, Raddon reached out to the dealer for a solution.

The dealer’s response was not what Raddon hoped for. He was reminded of the Tesla Vehicle Order Agreement he signed, which states that if a Cybertruck owner sells the EV within the first year, they can be fined $50,000 and banned from purchasing future Teslas. Raddon’s situation did not qualify as an unforeseen circumstance that would allow Tesla to repurchase the truck.

”Making me keep a truck that does not fit my circumstances appears to be unfair and not at all the spirit of the no-sale language in the contract,” Raddon wrote in a note to Tesla.

Despite his predicament, Raddon, a self-described rule-follower, does not plan to go against Tesla’s decision or hire a lawyer. His apartment building allows him to keep the vehicle there, but they won’t be held liable if it gets damaged while protruding from the parking spot.


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