AAA Implements Digital Service Road Scheduling

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The American Automobile Association is launching software that sends the optimal roadside assistance promptly to the right member, which is critical for an organization that sends 32 million service calls annually.

The software gives members, who are often frustrated with a very long wait, more room to maneuver while helping AAA to better allocate its resources.

AAA’s Appointment Assistant is an add-on to’s Field Service Application that makes it easy to request and track service from the web of AAA mobile app.

If a user wants to be cared for via the Assistant, they can see the name and app photo of their assistant, their real-time location via a digital map and the estimated arrival time.

The app also makes it easy to cancel an appointment request, so this is essential for AAA technicians to be able to freely process another customer.

Since the launch of the software earlier this year, AAA has recorded a 10-15% decline in service response time.

With more remote work, the ability to schedule appointment calls will enhance members’ experience and allow AAA to prioritize real emergencies over flexible appointments for members who are safe at home.

Appointment Assistant fits well into the digital skills roadmap.

This step provides a far more automated customer experience, as software is used to solve basic problems such as lockouts, tire bursts, and empty batteries, while more difficult problems such as difficult-to-diagnose engine problems are passed on to humans.

AAA has also integrated chatbots and other artificial intelligence technologies into its digital mix to cover all channels members may want to access.

At AAA, field automation is an extension of the company’s evolving strategic relationship with Salesforce, including the use of CRM software to take a more holistic view of the company’s relationship with current members and identify and attract potential customers.

As part of its omnichannel strategy, AAA relies on Salesforce to facilitate tracking of customer activity that began in one digital channel and continued in another.

For more information, read the original story in CIO.

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