Nvidia Partners With Mapping Startup For AV Tech

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Chipmaker Nvidia is acquiring DeepMap, a high-definition mapping startup that would support Nvidia’s autonomous vehicle technology sector, Nvidia Drive.

The biggest challenges to achieving full autonomy are succeeding in proper localization and new mapping information which should reflect changing road conditions.

By integrating DeepMap technology, Nvidia’s autonomous stack would have increased precision and given the vehicle better ways to locate itself on the move.

DeepMap was founded by former Google, Apple and Baidu employees James Wu and Mark Wheeler.

The start-up can now use Nvidia Drive’s software-defined platform to quickly scale its maps across AV fleets without too much data storage with over-the-air updates.

As part of the acquisition, Nvidia is also investing in new features for DeepMap.

The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

For more information, you may view original story in TechCrunch.


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