IBM launches new security technology, AI supercomputer

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IBM has announced the release of Vela, a new security technology and AI supercomputer. The technology is designed to assist organizations in detecting and responding to cyber threats in real time.

IBM asserts Vela has been online since May of last year, but has chosen to tell the world only now. It is also IBM’s first AI-optimized, cloud-native supercomputer, designed for developing and training large-scale AI models. It combines various security tools and technologies to provide a unified view of a company’s security posture.

Vela is intended to assist organizations in improving their security posture by providing them with the information they need to quickly identify and respond to threats. The technology analyzes massive amounts of security data and provides actionable insights to security teams using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It integrates various security tools and technologies and employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide security teams with actionable insights.

According to IBM, Vela can assist organizations in better understanding the relationship between various security events and detecting threats that may have gone undetected in the past. The technology also enables organizations to automate their response to threats, reducing response time and minimizing the impact of a security breach.

The release of Vela is part of IBM’s ongoing effort to improve organizations’ security posture. IBM places a high priority on security, and the company has invested heavily in the development of innovative technologies to assist organizations in better protecting themselves from cyber threats.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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