GitHub makes OpenAI-Powered Developer Tool generally available

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GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform, has released Copilot, a new OpenAI-powered developer tool. Copilot is an AI-powered code autocompletion tool designed to help developers write code faster and more efficiently. It is now generally available, with an updated version of OpenAI Codex and a new real-time vulnerability filter that detects common security flaws as you code in the editor.

The service was announced in November, adding a new team-based option to the existing Copilot for individuals. It was billed to cost $10 per month per user. While Copilot for Business subscriptions are $19 per user per month, based on the number of Copilot seats assigned. The tool suggests lines of code based on the context of the current code being written using machine learning models trained on billions of lines of code.

While some developers are excited about Copilot’s potential to boost productivity, others are concerned about code plagiarism, intellectual property issues, and biases in the training data. GitHub has responded to these concerns by stating that Copilot is intended to supplement rather than replace developers’ work, and that it is the developers’ responsibility to ensure that the code they produce is original and meets licensing and copyright requirements.

Copilot from GitHub isn’t the only AI-powered programming tool in the works. Other companies, including Microsoft and TabNine, are developing similar technologies. As the demand for efficient and effective programming tools grows, more AI-powered solutions are likely to emerge in the future.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNET.

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