Deep Green offers free heat to businesses in exchange for edge servers hosting

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Deep Green, a U.K.-based cloud startup, is offering to install its edge server hardware within organizations in exchange for providing free heat in exchange for lowering its own location and cooling costs as well as its edge servers hosting.

Their technology entails installing a mini datacenter with IT equipment immersed in a mineral oil cooling fluid and a heat exchanger to transfer heat energy where it is required. This technology can benefit businesses and public swimming pools by lowering energy bills and eliminating the need for energy-intensive air conditioning units.

Exmouth Leisure Centre in southwest England has already implemented the technology, which has reduced a pool’s energy requirements by 62 percent and saved more than £20,000 ($24,334) per year.

Deep Green intends to expand its technology in Bristol and Manchester. They pay for installation, electricity, and maintenance. Deep Green’s CEO, Mark Bjornsgaard, believes that this technology has the potential to meet 30% of all industrial and commercial heating needs.

Meanwhile, from a business standpoint, installing and operating an edge datacenter at a business site cost less than operating the same servers at a commercial colocation facility or running its own datacenter infrastructure. It also eliminates the need for large, energy-intensive air conditioning units.

Deep Green is proposing modest installations that can be deployed into individual businesses or sites. “By moving datacenters from industrial warehouses into the hearts of communities, our ‘digital boilers’ put waste heat to good use, saving local businesses thousands of pounds on energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint,” claimed Bjornsgaard. He added that swimming pools are just the start, and estimated about 30 percent of all industrial and commercial heating requirements could be met by this technology.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.



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