Vestager aims to establish code of conduct for artificial intelligence

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Margrethe Vestager, European Union’s tech chief, has announced intentions to publish a draft code of conduct for artificial intelligence (AI) within a few weeks.

At the conclusion of a panel session on generative AI at the fourth meeting of the US-EU Trade & Tech Council (TTC) in Sweden, Vestager signaled her intention to get to work right away. What’s planned is a set of guidelines for using AI to bridge the gap, prior to laws being written to control the technology’s usage in various nations and areas throughout the world.

Vestager feels that generative AI is an important and rapidly evolving technical innovation that necessitates quick regulatory intervention. She proposes developing an AI Code of Conduct for firms to sign up for freely, and she wants as many nations as possible to join.

While she appreciates feedback, Vestager underlines that lawmakers should set safety rules and corporations should agree to follow these standards. She wants to avoid a situation in which businesses impose minimum standards or focus attention to future concerns rather than addressing present damages. She expressed hope that the industry would swiftly adopt the final proposal.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.

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