Google raises concerns over Microsoft’s restrictive cloud licensing policies

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In a public outcry against Microsoft, Google has joined the chorus of complaints regarding the alleged restrictive cloud software licensing policies imposed by Microsoft.

Google is concerned about the additional expenses associated with running Microsoft software on non-Microsoft cloud providers. Microsoft charges license fees when their programs are utilized on other clouds, therefore Google pays greater costs.

Amit Zavery, Vice President and Head of Platform at Google Cloud said that while Microsoft says Azure is less expensive, the discrepancy is due to extra fees placed on customers who pick alternative providers. In addition, Zavery pointed out that employing Microsoft software on non-preferred cloud providers results in fines and taxes. Microsoft software can be used on-premises without restriction.

Zavery feels that antitrust regulators are beginning to see the gravity of the problem. He underlined the need of taking action in order to address Microsoft’s rules and ensure right resolution. Zavery voiced worry that if the European Union does not take proper actions, both enterprise companies and customers would suffer bad effects.

Microsoft is the lone significant cloud provider, with a large client base that has relied on its goods and services for decades before cloud technology was introduced. Zavery credited Microsoft Azure’s phenomenal rise to its stringent regulations, stating that consumers had little choice owing to the tech giant’s dominance.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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