Meta unveils Meta Quest 3 headset

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In an Instagram post, Meta announced the forthcoming release of the Meta Quest 3 headset.

Meta claimed to be the top headset maker, and the Meta Quest 3 was announced as the first mainstream headset featuring high-resolution color mixed reality. The headset will be available in a few months and will be significantly improved over its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2. These enhancements include a 40% smaller and more comfortable design, sharper screens and resolution, and a next-generation Qualcomm processor for greater graphics performance.

While the post does not specifically address it, it is assumed that the Meta Quest 3 is an improvement over the Meta Quest 2. Meta previously offered the Quest Pro, which included lenses that were 40% thinner than the Meta Quest 2. The Quest Pro was a premium choice, priced at $1,499 and powered with a Snapdragon XR2+ CPU.

The Meta Quest 3, dubbed “Meta’s most powerful headset yet,” will be powered by Qualcomm processors and will be available for $499. This makes it $1,000 less expensive than the Quest Pro, although $100 more expensive than its predecessor.

The sources for this piece include an article in AppleInsider.

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