Apple unveils Vision Pro mixed reality headset

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Apple has released the Vision Pro, an advanced mixed reality headset that combines augmented and virtual reality seamlessly.

The Vision Pro lets users overlay digital content onto the real world. It offers an immersive experience through voice commands, eye gaze tracking, and hand gestures, enabling intuitive and hands-free interaction. It is the first device that users look through, transforming their surroundings into a limitless canvas. Users can easily navigate through apps by looking at icons, and the headset is compatible with various iPhone and iPad apps. It can also connect to Bluetooth accessories and accurately capture hand movements with its downward-facing cameras.

The Vision Pro is equipped with an M2 processor and a specialized R1 chip for mixed reality devices, running on the visionOS operating system. Its sleek frame is made of aluminum and glass, housing sensors, cameras, and spatial audio speakers. The device also offers magnetically attachable lenses in collaboration with Zeiss, catering to glasses wearers.

Key features include high-resolution virtual windows, compatibility with nearby Macs, and the ability to create photorealistic avatars for immersive video conferencing. Users can capture “spatial photos” and “spatial videos” for a unique way of preserving memories. The battery pack, about the size of an iPhone, provides up to two hours of usage.

The Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 and will be available in the US early next year, followed by releases in other countries later on.

The sources for this piece include an article in Axios.

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