Minecraft developer cut off Reddit over API changes

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Minecraft developer Mojang has announced that it will no longer be posting official content to Reddit. The decision comes in response to Reddit’s recent changes to its API, which have led to protests from third-party developers and users.

In a post on the Minecraft subreddit, Mojang developer sliced lime said that the company “no longer feels that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer [its] players to.” They added that the changes to the API have made it “difficult and sometimes impossible” for Mojang to communicate with its players through Reddit.

Mojang’s decision to depart Reddit is likely to be interpreted as a protest over Reddit’s API modifications. It’s also uncertain whether Mojang’s departure from Reddit will be permanent. According to Mojang, if Reddit alters its policies, it is “open to reconsidering” its position.

In the meanwhile, Mojang has said that official updates and information may still be found on its website and social media outlets.

The sources for this piece include an article in PCGamer.

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