ChatGPT Plus expands memory feature, excludes Europe and Korea

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OpenAI has recently expanded the availability of its Memory feature to more ChatGPT Plus users, allowing the AI to retain information from conversations to streamline interactions. This feature, initially rolled out in February to a limited number of users, spares returning users from having to reintroduce preferences or previous topics.

Despite the broader rollout, users in Europe and Korea will find the feature unavailable, likely due to stringent data privacy regulations such as GDPR which govern the use and storage of personal data. The memory feature, according to OpenAI, helps the AI “remember” user preferences such as format choices or personal interests, which can tailor interactions more accurately. For instance, ChatGPT could recall a user’s preference for headlines in meeting notes or suggest personalized graphics like a jellyfish wearing a party hat for a child’s birthday card based on past conversations.

The update has come with enhancements based on user feedback, including notifications when memories are updated and simplified access to review or delete stored data. Users concerned about privacy can also opt to disable the memory feature entirely.

However, the rollout has raised concerns about the potential misuse of stored data, prompting OpenAI to exclude data from its Team and Enterprise customers from model training to address privacy concerns. The company assures that it steers clear of remembering sensitive information unless explicitly instructed to do so.

As the functionality becomes more integrated, OpenAI plans to maintain distinct memory banks for different applications, ensuring that details remembered by ChatGPT, such as someone’s love for kittens, do not transfer to other OpenAI services.

This enhancement highlights the delicate balance between technological convenience and privacy, a debate that continues to shape the landscape of AI interactions.


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