FCC scrutinizes SpaceX’s Starlink cellular service

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SpaceX’s plans to launch a satellite-based cellular service, Starlink, have raised concerns about potential interference with existing communication networks. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sent a letter to SpaceX requesting a comprehensive interference analysis and emphasizing the need to prevent harm to other authorized operators.

The FCC’s concerns center on the potential for SpaceX’s satellites to disrupt existing satellite and terrestrial networks, particularly in areas where T-Mobile operates on similar frequency bands. The regulatory body has asked SpaceX to map the projected beam coverage of its satellites within T-Mobile’s licensed areas and to clarify its ability to quickly cease emissions in case of harmful interference.

SpaceX’s expedited timeline for launching Starlink has drawn opposition from major U.S. telecoms companies, including DISH and AT&T, who argue that the company is not adhering to proper regulatory procedures. The FCC’s scrutiny could delay SpaceX’s plans for Starlink’s deployment.

The sources for this piece include an article in DriveTeslaCanada.

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