Inappropriate Video Conferencing Can Lead To EPL Claims

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According to Chris Williams, employment practices product Manager at Travelers Companies Inc., inappropriate behavior during video conferencing can lead to liability for employment practices.

Williams listed a number of EPL claims, including “Zoom etiquette” and EPL claims arising from disputes over working hours and wages.

Williams explained that “Zoom etiquette” claims arise when people are “not being appropriately attired” during video conferences, and also when people engage in inappropriate behavior without realizing they have left their camera and microphone turned on.

To provide clarity on EPL claims arising from disputes over hours and wages, Williams noted, “One of the challenges, for employers, is how do you track employees working from home and their hours? Some folks may have young kids at home and they may need help with homework. Some of those employees probably are not working a traditional workday, because it is not feasible to do so, so they may be working later in the day (and early in the morning or late at night to make up for that).”

For more information, read the original story in Canadian Underwriter.

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