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Chip Customers Concerned About Supply Rather Than Price

Marvell CEO told media that customers were willing to accept price increases in exchange for a stable chip offering.

Arizona Group Makes Deal With Taiwan To Attract Chip Companies

Arizona economic development group announced that it has made an agreement with the Taiwan USA Industrial Cooperation Office.

NFT Sales Skyrocket In August As Interest Grows

NFT sales have soared this month.

More Stringent Rules Are Coming For Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a popular financial frontier, but to the U.S.'s top market watchdog, they lack definitions and rules.

U.K. PayPal Customers Cannot Pay Directly With Bitcoin

U.K. PayPal customers will now be able to use the platform to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies.

PayPal Introduces Crypto Trading In The U.K.

PayPal announced that it will allow customers in the U.K. to buy, sell and own bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Global Semiconductor Shortage To Last Another Two Years

Semiconductor manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand, as the want for electronic devices has now peaked.

Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Are Moving To Rural Texas

Bitcoin entrepreneurs and miners are moving to Texas because of cheap electricity.