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Japan Worries About U.S. And China Chip Production

Japan is concerned about U.S. plans to pump billions of dollars into chip production to compete with China.

Robinhood Shareholders Question About Crypto Wallets

Robinhood Markets Inc releases its financial results this week and shareholders are wondering when the cryptocurrency wallets will arrive.

Landline Copper Wires To Be Replaced With Internet Connection

The Public Switched Telephone Network a technology that supplies power to landline telephones via copper cables, is being switched to an internet-based connection in every household in the U.K.

Bitcoin Surges 7.07% To $47,587.38

Bitcoin shot up 7.07% to $47,587.38 on Friday, extending its previous close by $3,142.93.

Ukraine Cracks Down On Money Laundering Crypto Exchange

Ukraine has dismantled a network of cryptocurrency exchanges with more than 1000 customers used for anonymous transactions.

How Hackers Stole And Returned $600 Mln In Tokens

Hackers committed the biggest cryptocurrency heist on Tuesday, stealing more than $600 million in digital coins from the token-swapping platform Poly Network

Hackers Stole $600 million in Digital Tokens

Poly Network, announced that attackers stole $600 million worth of cryptocurrencies by exploiting a vulnerability in its system.

Hackers Give Back $260 Million After Cryptocurrency Heist

Hackers who committed a massive cryptocurrency heist returned more than a third of the $613 million in digital coins they stole.