Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia Launches $100 Million Supercomputer For Researchers

Nvidia Corp has launched the fastest U.K. supercomputer for outside researchers, which includes scientists as well as commercial companies.

U.K. Using AI To Tackle Deadly Diseases

DeepMind Technologies announced in a recent press release that it will use AI to fight the deadliest parasitic diseases in the developing world.

ModelOps Can Build AI and ML With Business Results

ModelOps is a way to deliver AI and ML to businesses.

Researchers Try To Find Solutions To Racist Text-based AI

OpenAI launched GPT-3, an artificial intelligence language model that sparked excitement about computers but proved to be foul-mouthed and toxic.

IBM Watson Orchestrate Uses AI To Help Elevate The Company

IBM unveils the Watson Orchestrate, that aims to use artificial intelligence to boost sales, improve human resources, and streamline operations.

Biden Administration Announces New Al Research Task Force

The Biden administration forms an AI task force to accelerate tech progress in the U.S.

McDonald’s To Replace Humans With Machines In Drive-thrus

McDonald's is starting to remove people from drive-thrus and replace them with machines.

Military Autonomous Drone Was Used In Combat, U.N. Says

A U.N. report reveals the LAWS automated military drones were used in war recently.